Are your habits preventing you to lose weight?

Are your habits preventing you to lose weight?

We are creatures of habit. But, did you know that those habits could prevent you from loosing weight!!! Check out this article we found written by Katherine Brooking from, where she explains why this happens:


Struggling to lose weight? Or maybe you recently shed pounds only to see them slowly creep back on again? There may be some bad habits undermining your efforts. For example, are you aware that the size of your plate could matter as much as the size of the portion on it? Or that sharing yummy-looking photos of sugary and fattening foods can actually lead you to eat more? Read on, and find out about some habits that could be stopping you from losing those extra pounds -– or even causing you to gain weight. Are there any other bad habits that you think should have made our list?

1. Not Knowing How Many Calories You Consume

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, an astounding 62% of adult Americans were overweight in the year 2000, up from 46% in 1980. The USDA’s Agriculture Fact Book found that the amount of calories that Americans consume increased by 530 calories per day between 1970 and the year 2000. Although multiple factors can account for weight gain, the basic cause is an excess of energy intake over energy expenditure. Many people are oblivious to the number of calories they consume. Do you know how many calories you’re eating each day? You might want to consider MyPlate or any of the free calorie tracking apps out there to help get you on track.

2. Eating on Giant Plates

When it comes to dishware, size does matter. Our eating behaviors often rely on visual cues, like the size of our bowls and plates, to tell us how much to eat. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, portion sizes of packaged foods and popular dishes are 25% larger in the U.S. than they are in France, where the obesity rates are lower. One study found that 54% of Americans say they eat everything off of their (now larger) plates. SMART SOLUTION: If your kitchen cabinets are filled with large plates, it’s time to downsize. When your plate looks full (even on a smaller plate), you’re less likely to feel deprived even though your portion size is smaller.

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