Avoid your midday slump!

Avoid your midday slump!

It happens to the most of us…. A couple of hours after we eat lunch, all we want to do is catch a couple of zzzzz! Check out this article we found written by Chan Tran from LiveStrong.com where they give us GREAT ideas on what healthy snacks we can consume to help us through this midday slump.

7 At-Work Power Foods

The Best Fare to Fuel Your Workday

It’s that time of day and you’re zoning out. Lethargy kicks in, your eyes glaze over and your head is dangerously close to the keyboard. You’ve hit the midday slump.

But you’re not alone in this crash. People often begin craving coffee or snacks from the vending machine at around 2 or 3 p.m.

“They want a pick-me-up,” said Sheah Rarback, registered dietitian and director of nutrition for the Mailman Center for Child Development at the University of Miami, “due to the plunge of energy level caused by our natural circadian rhythm, not getting a good night’s sleep, skipping breakfast or eating a lunch of processed carbohydrates without added protein.”

The secret is to power up ahead of time, lessening, or even preventing, the collapse. Still, all is not lost if you failed to fuel up; there also are immediate options. Just avoid grabbing sugary snacks that give you an initial rush but leave you more tired and hungry an hour later.

The best fare for preventing or defeating the afternoon skids combine fiber and protein, are low in fat and sugar, and provide less than 200 calories.

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