Back Dumbbell Raises – Arm Exercises

Let’s work on the back. Here is one of the greatest Arm Exercises out there!

What I want you to do is to really bend at the hip here so flex your hips, bend your knees, push your butt back to get started. We’re going to this reverse grips so your palms are facing forward. You’re going to bring the arms all the way back but when you bring them back, I want you to open a little to the side like you’re trying to make the letter V. So the letter V right there and immediately you feel that muscle right here, and that little fat that shows through the bra, nobody wants to have that in there, so that’s why it’s very important that you add this exercise to your routine.

It’s an amazing back movement that will really get you and give you a sexy, toned back without making it big and bulky, just nice and toned. You can wear your tops. You can wear tight stuff on the back and nothing’s going to be showing. I know you want that. So right there, we do this for 15 reps. Once you’re done with your 15, you can take about 20 to 30-second rests, and then get back right into it. So we’re going to be doing three sets of this exercise. Add them to your routine and all I need you to do is subscribe to the channel because every week, we bring you a new exercise and of course lots of laughter. I am Adriana Martin and remember a little health and a little fun will change your life.