Bicep Curls - Arm Exercises

Bicep Curls - Arm Exercises

Let’s work on the Arms with one of the best arm exercises out there, this exercise will target the biceps and the shoulders all at the same time. I’m going to show you how!

Lets’ make it a little more fun and complicated, begin with engaging your core muscles by elevating one foot, bring your chest up and start doing your bicep curls first. Then once you’ve mastered this movement and your balanced,  you’re going to bring your arms all the way up, straight. Always keeping your elbows in (That’s something you REALLY want to make sure do, try to not let the elbows flare out).

Engage in the abdominals for that balance. With this exercise you will be working out more than one muscle group at the same time (I promise).

I want you to do a set of 15 reps, make sure you keep your abdominals engaged and you don’t let your arms go all the way back. Once you have completed your set, you can rest for 30 seconds and then switch legs.


Remember a little health and a little fun will change your life!