Burpees, Curl and Press - Body Toning Combo

Everyone loves to hate burpees and when combined with more than one exercise, the “burpee love” doesn’t get any bigger. However, there’s is no doubt that when it comes to full body toning exercises, burpees are an all time classic. Now, imagine you could take this staple move and add the ultimate ab exercises along with highly effective arm exercises…and you have an amazing fitness combination.

For this move you will need a pair of dumbbells. Since this is a pretty intense exercise (both on the cardiovascular aspect and the strength aspect) it is best to go light on the weights.


#1 Set up: Hold dumbbells and stand up with feet together, flex knees and place weights on floor just in front of your feet.

#2 Back Hop: Jump and push legs back to land on plank position. Engage abdominals to protect torso.

#3 Hop Back: Jump and bring knees to chest, place feet on floor.

#4 Standing: Stand up from this position engaging abdominals pushing from legs without compromising back

#5 Bicep: While standing, maintain hands next to thighs and curl biceps.

#6 Press: From bicep curl, lift arms and push them up towards ceiling to perform shoulder press.

Although, this should be considered a high intensity and strength move it can be modified to fit your needs.

Here’s is how you can make it easier:

Instead of Jumping back on step #2, take steps alternating legs until plank position is in place.

Check it out for yourself:


Bottom line is, if you want to see results you have to work with intensity. Your body will never change unless it has a strong stimulus, so don’t be afraid to work hard! The results will pay off!

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