Clean and Press - Arm Exercises

Clean and Press - Arm Exercises

If you still have flabby arms then you’re probably not including the right arm exercises into your routine. Weather it’s because you’re afraid of getting bulky or simply don’t know how to begin – if your goal is to get lean and tone up, then not training the upper body is a BIG MISTAKE!

It’s time to start lifting!

But, first let’s address the big myth: Women will get bulky if they lift weights.

FALSE:  YOU WILL NOT GET BIG BY PERFORMING RESISTANCE TRAINING.  It actually takes a lot of heavy lifting (and perhaps other enhancers) for the female body to achieve BIG muscle mass – we’re just not built that way. On the contrary, performing resistance training moves on a regular basis, will increase your body’s ability to burn fat and build lean looking muscles which will help  you look toned and sexy (not big).

So, if your goal is to blast fat and develop hot looking arms then it’s time to lift some weights. Today, we start with: Clean and Press.


  1. Place your feet shoulder width apart
  2. Hold on to dumbbells or barbell
  3. Engage abdominals to protect lower back
  4. Begin to pull bar up towards nipple line while keeping it close to the body
  5. As elbows raise higher than shoulder level shrug shoulders and rotate dumbbells or bar towards ceiling
  6. Press dumbbells/bar up towards ceiling
  7. Reverse motion to complete move

Sets & Reps:

Perform 4 sets of 25 reps each at least once a week.

Before you know it, you’ll see round shoulders pop up in your body…and you are going to love having them, I promise!!

Came back for more tomorrow!