Eat more to burn more!

Eat more to burn more!

This statement is a dream come true…

Eat more to burn more!

But, is this another gimmick?

No WAY!!!

Our digestive system

undergoes a tremedous amount of work

in order to break down the food, take its nutrients and feed the body


during digestion

a lot of muscles are contracted and many calories are burned

We burn calories while digesting the food!!

So, doesn’t it make sense to say that by eating

more we’ll burn more????

jack pot!

keep the digestive system active to speed up metabolism

and start burning calories non-stop =)


Not all calories are created equal

So, stay away from twinkies, cakes and all those simple sugars

and start adding more of the good stuff

like whole grains, fruits, lean proteins and veggies….

Now off I go…to burn some fat…from my kitchen table.