Etiquette rules at the Gym?

Etiquette rules at the Gym?

Realize it or not there are etiquette rules that you should follow when you go to the gym… Check out this article we found written by  Linda Melone where she gives us 16 rules people often break:

16 Gym Etiquette Rules That People Often Break


Gyms don’t always hand out a “Rules of Conduct” book when you join. You’re simply expected to act like a decent human being, clean up after yourself and generally behave. Problem is, common sense doesn’t necessarily reign in every fitness facility. Here are the most common and most aggravating gym missteps, according to experts who spend the most time in those environments. From smelling too good, to filling up a giant size water bottle when there is a line of people behind you. Read on, to see if you’re guilty of any of these 16 major gym etiquette pet peeves. Let us know which one annoys you most, and if there are others that should be on our list.

1. If You’re Sick, Stay Home

Coughing and sneezing during in a fitness class or while lifting weights leaves a trail of nasty microbes waiting to infect the rest of the gym. According to Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise, in general it’s okay to exercise with “above the neck” symptoms like a sore throat or runny nose. “But in fairness to your non-sick fellow fitness fanatics,” Matthews explains, “if you’re going to get some exercise in while you’re battling a cold, you should opt for an at-home workout — perhaps your favorite fitness DVD or an outdoor workout.” If you do choose to work out at the gym, be respectful of others and be sure to properly sanitize all equipment that you use — which you should always do, sniffles or not.

2. Obey Cardio Time Limits

During busy times of day many gyms limit cardio sessions on machines, usually to 20 or 30 minutes. Refusing to step off after your designated time impacts the person waiting behind you and simply isn’t fair. “Cardio machine time limits are put in place for a reason, as they ensure the opportunity for every exerciser to make the most out of their time at the gym, especially during peak hours,” says Mathews. You want to train smarter, not longer, so if you’re hopping on the elliptical with a 30-minute time limit, make the most out of the time you have by kicking up the intensity with intervals. Many studies show these shorter workouts burn more calories for hours afterward.

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