Fiber = Tone & Sexy…?

Fiber = Tone & Sexy…?

That’s right ladies, fiber is an important tool to lose weight and improve your health over all. Check out this blog we found for you on 5 Super Tip to increase your fiber, written by Shannon Clark from “Body Building” and start losing those extra pounds…

If you’re looking to lose weight or simply improve your nutritional status, add more fiber to your day, starting with breakfast. A healthy intake of dietary fiber will improve your regularity, help you feel full after eating, and improve your overall health.

Fiber isn’t entirely digested by the body; most of it passes right through. Fiber may not be the sexiest topic in the world, but getting enough is part of the regular body maintenance that helps avert disaster down the road.

Consuming enough fiber will actually make it easier for you to reach your weight-loss goals. So you’ll look better, sooner, by hitting your daily fiber intake.

Come to think of it, fiber is kind of sexy.

  • Add Flaxseeds to Your Cereal
  • Swap Breakfast Cereal For Rolled Oats
  • Mix Blackberries With Your Protein Pancakes
  • Add Vegetables To Egg Whites
  • Eat an Apple, Not A Banana


Interested in what you are reading… Click on the link below and check out the rest of this article, then go out and get some FIBER!!!