Frontal Raises - Arm Exercises

Frontal Raises - Arm Exercises

Well today we have some fabulous and easy-to-do Arm Exercises where you’ll be sporting toned arms like Michelle Obama’s or Jennifer Anniston’s. It sounds pretty good, huh

So this is what I want you to do, get your weights so you  can start targeting the shoulders with the frontal raises. You have very important muscle groups in your arms and number one, one of the most important, are your shoulders. As you do your frontal raises, you’re targeting that muscle which is going to give you that round shape of the arm at the top.

How many reps should you do? You should start at 15 reps.  So every time you bring the right arm up, then you count 1. So 1 and then, and half.

How many sets should you do? You should do three sets of 15.

Then we’re going to do a little bit of bicep curls. Start by straitening your  arms, engage the abdominals, and curl and squeeze at the top.

Do three sets of 15 reps again, but I don’t want you to swing your arms, and that happens a lot, or swing your entire body. That’s an easy recipe for you to actually get hurt.

If you want to make it a little harder and more challenging, lift your right leg and bring it up. So what it does is it’s throwing you off balance which is making you engaging the abdominals a little more. Now do three sets of 15.

Third exercise and last is going to be push-ups. There are three ways of doing push-ups. We’re going to start with Level 1 and for that I need you to keep your knees right under your hipbones. So arms out, down on the floor.  Keep abdominals engaged. When you go down, I want you to inhale, flex the elbows, and lower the chest, exhale, and lift. Now if you just extend your legs back, just push them out a little bit and the knees exactly, then you go down again, engage the abdominals, and that makes it a little harder for you, not only on the abs but on the chest and on the triceps as well. And the last one is going to be knees up but I know that’s your favorite. Start of doing three and don’t forget to engage the abdominals. That part is very important .