Good Bye Arm FAT - Arm Exercises

Good Bye Arm FAT - Arm Exercises
R.I.P arm fat! There is a new chief in town…it’s tight, it’s toned and it’s sexy: Hello Tricep! – HA! It’s actually “triceps” but the sentence wouldn’t have made sense written correctly! Lol
Here’s the bottom line, “s” or “no s” sexy arms are built! And, you could have your own set by applying some of the techniques that I share with you daily!
Today’s move: Body weight dips! 
Good Bye Arm FAT: With knees bent, Place hands on Floor, lift hips. Bend elbows then lower and lift your body! What's your favorite arm exercise?
Before I go into technique I have to tell you: If you want lean, toned arms…you HAVE to incorporate these into your regular routine. There are many modifications to this move – like placing your hands on a chair. However, lifting your hips will definitely help you maximize results as it forces your core to work more efficiently.
  1. Place your hands on floor with fingers facing in
  2. With knees bent, place feet on floor – shoulder width apart
  3. Elevate hips and engage abdominals to get body aligned
  4. Bend elbows to engage triceps while lowering and lifting
  5. Maintain hips elevated throughout the whole sequence


Resp and Sets

Perform 4 sets of 50 reps of each this move



Your focus should be on engaging and activating the back of the arms without using legs and hips to assist with the move


Hope you enjoy this move! I have a few more things to tell you but have to run to dinner with my family. So, come back tomorrow as I’ll be posting again.