Happy 5th of July

Happy 5th of July

Yesterday was a great day

4th of July!

Time to honor our independence

Celebrate with family and friends

And, of course,

eat, drink…eat and drink some more…

But, I notice that

when Holidays like this

come around

most people forget

about how all actions

have a reaction.

For example:

My husband was on a mission to

eat and drink as much as

he could in a single day!

Poor Cesar!

he was so determined

that he forgot to think

about the morning after…

So, today

he is still in bed

feeling like s@#$!!!

and me on the other hand?

I’m feeling better than ever!!!


’cause I never forget

the nasty feeling

I used to get after

overeating and over-drinking…

So….I don’t do it anymore!!

Some people have called me

a party pooper

But, is a day like today

when I can wake up

full of life and energy

when I realize

I’m actually

the life of the PARTY!!!

Happy 5th of July everyone =)

  1. Yes, you are indeed the life of the party. Clearly if anyone is calling you a party pooper they are projecting because 2 minutes with you and one’s spirit is sure to lift! Keep sharing your message and telling your story! 🙂
    Much Love, Jess

  2. Awww….Jess! Thanks!!! I’m so happy that we’re in touch again!!!

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