Is a gluten free diet good for autism?

A Gluten free diet or a casein free diet is also known as GFCF diet and is considered as one of the best alternative treatment methods for children suffering from autism. There are plenty of reports from parents who tried the same with their autism affected child even when they found them to be non-allergic to gluten and found difference in behaviour as well as speech. According to the theory, children suffering from autism, process proteins and peptides in food stuffs containing gluten in a different way when compared to that of the others. This method is considered to worsen the autism symptoms and therefore gluten free diets are highly recommended for them. This will prevent the symptoms from being worsened up thus producing noticeable changes in speech and behaviour. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the child receives enough fibre, minerals and vitamins when gluten free diets are being administered.

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