Is your workout really working for you or just stalling fat loss?

Is your workout really working for you or just stalling fat loss?

A lot of people spend hours in the gym without seeing any results, and at the end of the workout, the day, the week or the month all they see is frustration. Don’t let that happen to you. Check out this article written by JJ Virgin from Live where they tell us why this happens:

Why Your Workout Could Be Making You Fat

You probably have a friend who spends an hour on the elliptical machine three or four times a week, steadily huffing along as she half-watches “The View” and flips through “People” magazine. She also religiously attends twice-weekly aerobics classes.

I bet she also complains to you and anyone who listens that despite her herculean exercise efforts, she can’t reach her goal weight.

Here’s the deal. Just like the wrong “healthy” foods will make you fat, treadmills and aerobics classes can stall fat loss.

Why People Get Hooked on the Wrong Exercise

I’ve had clients who, when I tell them they’re wasting time at that Tuesday night aerobics class or treadmill sweat session, initially respond with denial.

“Seriously?” they say exasperatedly. “You have no idea how breathless I get on that treadmill.” They give me stats about how many calories the machine tells them they burned.

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