It’s inevitable we make mistakes…

We all make mistakes and it’s OK! Check out this article that we found written by Sohee Lee from Body Building where she tells us how to make our mistakes fit our everyday life.

Make Your Diet Fit Your Life, And Success Will Be Yours

In an ideal world, you would nail your nutrition every day. Fat loss would be easy—or better yet, you would have a bangin’ body without having to think about what you eat. There would be no traffic jams on the way to the gym, and you’d follow up an awesome workout every afternoon with perfectly cooked filet mignon that night.

But that’s not how it works. Welcome to the real world, where we make mistakes—and we make them often. We wear our yoga pants inside out, fart while deadlifting, and accidentally slip cookies into our mouths. But whatever the reason, people tend to beat themselves up over that cookie more than anything else.


If you approach every day struggling to succeed at the perfect macronutritional experiment, I’ve got news for you: You’re chasing a dream. But, I can tell you what is not a perfect nutritional day. It’s eating out of Tupperware in a bathroom stall so no one comments on the broccoli stench emanating from your cubicle, saying “no” to a social event because you’re afraid of being tempted or judged, flipping out because you’re ravenous but you didn’t bring your cooler with you—in short, revolving your life around your diet.


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