It’s OVER!

Unfortunately when it comes weight loss, there are a thousand and one excuses. Well, the excuses are over, because we found this super cool article by Premier Fitness Camp, it not only tells you what workouts you can do AT HOME but also how you can break it down… Remember, YOU Will WIN this war on weight loss!

War on Fat – Battle Plan

How much time are you willing to dedicate?

( ) Let’s start out our war on fat with a goal that is simple and obtainable for everyone. We are going to dedicate three hours a week to exercise. We can break this up into 3 one hour sessions or 6 half hour sessions. For the ease of breaking this down let’s break it down into 3 one hour sessions. Within these 3 one hour sessions I would dedicate 30 minutes to strength training and 30 minutes to cardio. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot get a good workout in without weights or a gym.

Strength training to speed up metabolism

Upper Body

Pull Ups – Regular Grip

I want you to grip the pull up bar just outside your shoulder width. The correct movement starts just prior to a dead hang while leading with your chin drive upward utilizing your shoulders, shoulder blades and back muscles. The movement is not complete until your chin is at the same height as the bar. Not everyone can perform pull ups the first time so place a bench underneath with a slight bend in your legs. If you have trouble using your legs too much for assistance then try crossing your feet and driving off of one leg.


Dips are a great exercise to toning up the back of your arms, chest but need to be performed correctly. Do not break the 90 degree plain on your decent and finish the movement with a completely straight arm to maximize the movement. Dips can be performed on chairs, bench or parallel bars. The latter is preferred for maximum results. If you are going to utilize a parallel bar or dip bar then I want you to place a bench underneath your feet for assistance during the exercise. Cross the ankles and bend the knees through the exercise while using just the thigh muscles to assist in the upward movement.

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Remember there are NO more Excuses!