Jump Squats - Leg Exercises

Jump Squats - Leg Exercises

Today we’re going to work on some leg exercises. I’m going to be doing jump squats!

Now I’d like you to really go ahead and place your feet underneath your shoulders and we’re going to start with the squat position, okay? Now I’m going to do it to the side so you can see. A lot of the people make the mistake of bringing the knees over the toes and if your knees have been hurting for a while, it might be the reason. This is why people get injured. You want to flex up the hip and throw the butt back. Make sure the knees remain right on top of your heels, go deep on the squat, then lift.

So now I’m going to add a little modification for you, which is that you go down and deep in the squat and then you bring the heels up into a calf raise. Now I did say that we’re going to do some jump squats and I want you to try this with me but this is a way to start if you don’t think that you’re ready. Now if you’re ready for the progression, we’re going to go deep with the hands up and then I’m going to bring the arms back and that’s when you jump.

When you watch the video notice how I land on the squat. This is the way not to do it, which is with the knees straight. It’s too much pressure on the knees and this is how people do get injured. So you want to absorb the weight and go right into the squat, all right? So it goes like this. Go nice and deep at the top. Really push the body up. You want to do at least 20. Yes! Right there you’re going to feel the fire on the legs. It is an amazing exercise. You should be doing it in between sets. You’re going to love it.