Lemon wedges, are they just for garnishing?

Lemon wedges, are they just for garnishing?

There are a ton of people that like to drink their water with a lemon wedge. But, are there any benefits to it, or is it just for Decoration? Check out this article we found, written by Ashley Armstrong from Livestrong.com where they give us the download:


Instead of merely decorating your water glass with a lemon slice, squeeze that lemon into your water. Many physical ailments can be remedied using natural vitamins, minerals and whole foods. Lemon water is one such natural remedy that has engendered positive results. It should be noted that packaged and pasteurized lemon juice will not aid in health. The lemons must be fresh–the heavier the better when choosing them at the grocery store. At about 50 cents each, lemons are an affordable health remedy worth trying. Known for their fresh, clean taste and antiseptic qualities, lemons just may be the natural answer to some of your health concerns.

You’re only a click away to read the full benefits of Lemon and Water: http://www.livestrong.com/article/111175-benefits-lemon-water/