You no longer have to choose between having a life and your fitness!

We found this article written by Jim Smith from LiveStrong, were he gives us the best routines that won’t interfere with you’re busy life.




The first thing to do is forget about the programs that require four, five or six days a week at the gym. They just aren’t necessary. It’s entirely possible to train, strengthen and progress in less time than those sorts of programs demand.


If you’re like most fitness enthusiasts, your workout probably consists of five to six upper or lower body exercises, with three to five sets of eight to 12 repetitions for each exercise. The typical rest period between a set can be as much as two to three minutes — and even longer if you’re talking with friends.


You can increase the intensity and effectiveness of your training session by making a few changes: Modify the number of repetitions you perform for each set, decrease the rest period between sets, and incorporate compound movements or even increase the amount of weight you lift.


The simplest way to put these factors into action is to replace your traditional workout with full-body, strength-training circuits. Training both your upper and lower body in the same workout is the key to cutting your time in the gym in half.


These routines really help!

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