Lunge Knee Tuck - Leg Exercises

Lunge Knee Tuck - Leg Exercises

Summer is here and you’re asking about best leg exercises to tone the thighs. So, today I’m going to show you the Lunge Knee Tuck movement – it is guaranteed to get you results in 12 week.

But first, let’s make something clear: When it comes to body toning there are many options. From traditional weight lifting to circuit training there are many methods that can help shape your body. Sometimes is not so much about the method you choose but the ability to implement it. The key is having a defined plan of action and then sticking to it.

That applies to both your training and your diet. Remember, diet controls 80% of your success when it comes to fitness – which leaves your training a small 20%. Now here is the thing: only 20% of results may come from working out – but 90% of the shape of your muscles comes from that 20%. Genetics gives you the frame and training gives you the HOTNESS!

Speaking of HOTNESS – Leg exercises are a must if your serious about looking good this season. And, Lunge Knee Tucks are a great move that will target all the body parts to help you tone thighs and develop sexy legs.


Start with both feet shoulder width apart. Engage abdominals as you take a step back. Bend both knees and squat down into a lunge. Engage abdominals to secure balance and return with a powerful movement. Allow momentum to carry the leg up and tuck knee to chest. Slightly tilt hips forward to contract opposite glut (this gives the muscle a little extra contraction – you will feel it)

Sets & Reps:

Lunges are killers. But, they are equally effective and I most warn you: adding the little twist of the “tuck and tilt” will make this body toning exercise a harder than usual but also more effective.

Perform 3 to 4 sets of 25 reps each

Note: Remember to maintain your knees aligned with toes to prevent knee injuries

Watch the video: