Modified Bicycle - Ab Exercises

Today you and I are going to work on the tummy. I’m going to modify one of the basic ab exercises for you. It’s called the bicycle and I’m sure you’ve heard of it but these modifications will allow your core to work a little bit harder, therefore get faster, quicker and better results.

So go ahead and get on the floor right here and the first thing I want you do is draw a line in the middle of the your body dividing left and right side, and when you push roundabout to start the bicycle move, you’re going to bring the knee towards the midline, towards that line. All right? Right there. Usually if you allow the knee to just kind of go to the side, you are losing half of the exercise. So you want to keep the abdominals activated from the lower portion of the abs, those lower fibers, so keep the knee in.

Now lift the shoulders, bring your hands behind  the head and then you’re going to rotate to the side and bring the shoulder as close to that knee as possible. Now right there, where you have started to move, this is the beginning of the move. Now from here, you’re going to go ahead and crunch at the top so it’s going to be very little but very tight contractions. Okay? And I want you to count to 50. So it’s going to be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, all the way to 50, and what’s happening here is that your muscles are going to get the opportunity to be tight and contracted, under tension for a very long time. That really allows those fibers to fire up and that’s what gets rid of the fat and builds the lean-looking muscle that you want so much. That really helps to trim the waistline.

So I want you to try to do that on both sides. Once you’ve done one side, you’re going to do the other. I’m going to just change the angle a little bit so you could see, so right there, and I want you to really open up the chest. Try not to be too tight right there, just nice and open, and bring in that shoulder towards the opposite knee right there. You are going to feel that move like no other.