Motivation to Exercise

Motivation to Exercise

I know it’s not easy – we all struggle at some point or another in finding motivation to exercise! The key to staying on point with your workout is having a plan of action and then sticking to it.

I once heard someone say “Plan your work, then workout your plan” Well that’s a genius quote. It’s time to follow through – and today we’re building some strategies to help you do just that.

1. Write out a map

2. Keep your map in a visible spot

3. Make a point to read it everyday

4. Surround yourself with positive people

5. Mute the negativity out of your life…it doesn’t mean is not there…just mute it

6. Don’t get frustrated when you hear your negative inner voice of doubt – after all you’re human! Just make sure your positive and powerful one is stronger!

7. Show up everyday to life (weather is your workout or your diet) ready to fulfill your task and accomplish!

Apply these quick tips and you’ll see drastic changes in the way you live and feel! And, if you want more in depth motivation and strategies make sure to schedule a phone consultation with me today!