Music & Workout?

In parks, at the gym and in the street you see people working out while they listen to music, but how helpful is listening to music when you’re working out?


We found this article written by Robyn Abree from WebMD, where it not only tells us if it really can boost your endurance but how it can help your workout.


Music can motivate you to work longer and harder, says David-Lee Priest, PhD, a health psychologist and researcher at London’s Brunel University.

“Fast music, especially, provides us more information to process, which may distract someone from the physical sensations of fatigue and block signals to stop exercising,” Priest says.

But not all fast songs do that. If the music is too fast, it isn’t likely to boost your performance or endurance, says Brunel University sports psychology expert Costas Karageorghis, PhD. He has studied the effects of music on exercise for more than 20 years.

“Findings show there is a sweet spot, in terms of tempo, between 120 and 140 beats per minute,” says Karageorghis, who has studied the effects of music on exercise for more than 20 years. “Beyond that, it doesn’t improve enjoyment or any other psychological variable while exercising.”

It also depends on who you are.

If you’re an elite athlete, or if you work out a very intense level (about 70%-80% of your aerobic capacity), you’re already so into it that music may not give you as much of an edge.


So the next time you’re getting ready for your workout, make sure you have your IPod fully loaded with the best music!

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