Organic Vs. Commercionally Grown Products

Organic Vs. Commercionally Grown Products

“OMG! Buying organic foods

is so expensive!

There’s no way

I can afford that…

I might as well buy

whatever looks like food!

And, save lots of money!!!”

Have you ever said that?

I know I have!

After all…

we’re all trying to save a buck

But, at whose expense

Yours? You children?

How much is your health worth???

To me….it’s priceless!

So, I’ve converted

not fully I must admit (I still buy certain things non-organic)

But after realizing that:

Organic lettuce has 71 mg of Calcium

and conventional has only 16,

Organic tomatoes have 59mg of Magnesium

and conventional only 4.5

and Organic spinach 257mg of Potassium

where conventional has 84,

I buy mostly organic products

And, now my nails have gotten stronger,

My hair shinier and my skin looks healthier…

So, at the end of the day

I do spend less money

on face creams, manicures

And I’m feeling better than ever!

MY HEALTH is worth it!!!!

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Come to my seminars on Whole Foods…they’re awesome!