Parenting, the cause of overweight…?

Parenting, the cause of overweight…?

Studies have shown us that parents are a big contribution to the never ending issue of overweight children. By easily using the excuse of “lack of time,” not to mention the bad eating habits parents had before they had kids… Well, we can find a thousand and one excuses, but the excuses are NOW OVER! We found a super cool article by Jen Christensen from that will help us find the answer to this overdue issue.

Does parenting make us fat?

When people think about having children, they often talk about how they can be good role models for their kids, including maintaining a healthier diet.

Yet when Leah Case takes her 10-month-old daughter Elliot to playgroup, the parents there often admit they let healthy eating slide. They feel like they don’t have time.

“Life does radically change when you have kids,” Case said. In addition to being a new mom, she runs a wedding photography business and teaches a cardio kickboxing class.

“It is a little more chaotic now and a lot harder to balance everything,” she said.

Six years ago, Case lost 50 pounds through strict discipline, including regular exercise and religiously counted calories.

“I noticed, though, the first few months after she was born, I became a lot less vigilant,” Case said. “Admittedly, I just wanted to hang out with my daughter.”

According to one of the first studies of its kind to look at parental eating habits, that’s often the case with new parents. Despite their best intentions, most do not improve their diets after their children are born.

How to choose a healthy breakfast cereal

In fact, the study found parents eat more saturated fat than people who aren’t parents. A diet high in saturated fat can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, heart attacks and Type 2 diabetes.

How unbelievable is the power we have on our kids…! Click on the link below to finish reading this amazing article.