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Power Of The Goblet Squat

You heard that squatting is a basic human movement. So why are we so bad at it? What can we do? Meet the goblet squat, a movement that can help anyone master squatting form.

Often dubbed the “king of exercises,” the back squat offers a whole host of benefits, including but not limited to: stronger and meatier legs, a rock-hard behind, and extra points on the bad-assery scale. For better or worse, “How much ya squat?” is the lower body equivalent of, “How much ya bench?” when gym-goers size each other up.

Despite being one of the greatest bang-for-your-buck movements for athletes, the back squat is not appropriate for everyone. Most training programs benefit from featuring multiple variations of a movement. Luckily, there are many squat variations, including the front squat, Zercher squat, and box squat. They all have their place in a training program.

However, for my money, one of the absolute best squat variations may also be one of the newest: the goblet squat. This fundamental exercise is easiest to master for folks from all walks of life. The greatest part about it is that everyone can stand to benefit from it (barring contraindications, of course). Even if you squat heavy right now, it’s likely that some time with the goblet could help your form.

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