Should you work out at work?

Should you work out at work?

Yes, because most of our days are spent it sitting down we putting a lot of weigh on our shoulders and our back, that weight will hurt us in the future. Check out this article we found written by Pete Williams from Live where he gives us great ideas on how to work out at work!

Work Out at Work? Yes!

Training Without Leaving the Office

The modern workplace wreaks havoc on our health. Spending long hours hunched over a computer, sitting through endless meetings or stuck behind a steering wheel commuting disrupts the body’s natural alignment.

We don’t realize that, as a result, our shoulders are lurching forward, which places undue stress on the neck, hips and back. We lose strength and flexibility while our joints become sore.

When one or both of the hip flexors are locked up, a natural result of sitting all day, your body sends signals to the opposite muscles. This shuts down the gluteus maximus muscles, or glutes, and makes the hamstrings less efficient. It creates a relationship where the hip flexors are dominant and the glutes submissive, inevitably leading to back pain.

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