Shoulder Press Twist - Arm Exercises

Looking for a way to get rid of the bra fat and build sleek arms? Then it’s time to take your upper body workout to the next level! And,  when it comes to arm exercises the shoulder press twist is quite unconventional but effective. One of things you’ll love the most about it is that it forces you to engage different muscle groups, therefore providing a full body workout!

Traditional shoulder presses keep the torso stable and the body moving on one single plane. However, the shoulder press twist allows you to engage your core while working the body in different angles. Also, I will show you a progression that allows you to add some resistance training to the legs as well.

But, first let’s get the basics down,


  1. Place both feet shoulder width apart
  2. Hold dumbbell in one arm
  3. Bend elbow bringing dumbbell closer to shoulder
  4. Press arm arm, lift heel and rotate at the hip


You may add a progression to the shoulder press twist by squatting as you lower weight towards your shoulder.

Sets & Reps:

Perform 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps of this move

As a busy woman I know you’re looking for fitness solutions that will help you lose the bra fat, arm flab and get you build lean sleek arms….and the shoulder press twist will help you do just that. So, add it to your arm exercises routine and watch how the fat starts melting away!

See you tomorrow for more,