Side Cross Lunges - Leg Exercises

Side Cross Lunges - Leg Exercises

Let’s talk about leg exercises and how to tone the thighs. And for that, I have an amazing little combo for you. It’s a side lunge mixed with a crossover lunge and it goes like this.

First, place your feet right underneath your shoulders  and you’re going to take a step to the side. Now when you step, I want you to leave one of the legs super straight. Now the other bends so you’re going to go down into a squat position but notice how when you squat the knees should remain right on top of your heel. So don’t allow the knee to go over the toes because this is how people get injured. So you want to be right there. So you’re going to go here and squat and then you’re going to push the leg all the way up till we turn and then go into the crossover. Now when you do a crossover with the lunge, you want to make sure that the shoulders remain facing forward and that your body doesn’t twist with it.

Now the reason for this exercise, is it allows you to train the outer part of the thigh of the other leg so you’re actually working both legs at the same time, all right? I’m going to do a few and I want you to take your time, look how it’s done, and then it’s your turn. You ready? Let’s go. You’re going to go here and cross. Go down as low as possible and cross. Go as deep as you can, always keeping the knee right on top of your heel, and then nice cross, engage the glutes. All right? Let’s do a couple more. Right there, go deep. Nice. Every time you go to one side and to the other, that counts as one, and then you’re going to try and do the other side. Now I want you to try to do at least 25 on each leg and you should be adding this exercise into your leg routine.