Single Leg Hip Extensions - Leg Exercises

Single Leg Hip Extensions - Leg Exercises

Let’s talking about how to tone the butt, the lower part of the leg right there underneath the glutes, which is where the thunder thighs happen. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to those, I want you to try this exercise, one of the best leg exercises in my book.

So we’re going to get on the floor right here, abdominals in. I have my little mike right there for you. Okay, right there. So let’s flex the knees, place your feet on the floor, and then we’re going to start, bring the feet together but lifting the hips. So this is a regular hip extension and this is an amazing exercise for toning all the areas of the hamstrings and glutes. But what happens is that once you’ve done this for a few weeks, really your body gets used to it so it’s not a challenge anymore. You have to challenge your body.

So once you’ve done this one for a while, I want to add a few progressions and a few modifications. So this is why this exercise is called a modified hip extension, which is doing it with a single leg, okay? So from here, you’re going to take your leg up right there, hands on the sides, and then you’re going to lift the hip. Stay at the top, okay? So once you’ve lifted to the top, this is your starting position. From here, you’re going to go up and really pause. Try to keep your knees super straight as if you were poking the ceiling right there. You want to be at the top as much as you can, trying to keep that muscle under tension. You’re going to feel the hamstrings and you’re going to feel the glutes. I would say do at least 30 to 50. That’s a big range. There’s a big gap, a big window for you to play because 30 to 50 reps right there. And then keep the hips up, back and you’re going to switch to the next leg. So right there, try to do between 30 and 50 reps on the move.

And then hold it at the top and I want to add a little bonus, which is taking both of your feet forward right there, heels down, toes are up, and you’re going to lift. You’re going  to feel how the calf muscles start to activate and also the hamstrings. I’m telling you. You are going to love this exercise and what you’re going to love the most is the benefit. So if you’re ready to get rid of the cellulite underneath the butt, this is the move that you have to be doing.