Single Leg Reaches - Leg Exercises

Single Leg Reaches - Leg Exercises

No point in wasting time with workouts that take you nowhere!

Single Leg Reaches is one of those leg exercises that work multiple muscle groups. And, when it comes to getting results, performing moves that allow you to tone more than one body part is what you should be after. Specially if lack of time is a factor.

*Side Note: You can choose to do this exercise using a Stability Ball – although in the video I do it without – it’s always a good progression. Btw, if you haven’t purchased one yet – you must do so immediately as the stability ball could become your best companion during your Fat Loss journey. Why? The stability ball allows you to perform a wide variety of leg exercises (and for your entire body) from home and at the gym.

Once you have the exercise ball – make sure it’s blown up with tons of air. It should be full and hard…not soft.

Now, back to our Leg Exercise! Single Leg Reaches require balance. Therefore I suggest performing this move while you’re close to a wall or with a chair near by so that you could hold on to it if needed. Now, when it comes to balance, the key is practice. But, one useful trick is to pick a focal point and stare at it as you perform each repetition – the more you focus on a specific spot, the easier it will be for your body to maintain its equilibrium.


Prepare by placing one foot on the ball. Engage abdominals as they are key players in this leg exercise. Keep your spine in neutral (by that I mean stand tall with chest up). And, stare at your focal point.

Begin by moving leg to push the ball back – go as far away from your body as possible (btw, it’s a good hip flexor stretch). Then bend opposite knee to perform a single leg squat. Engage abdominals as you extend arm forward to touch the floor (or get as close to it as possible).

Once your body has reached the final point of stretching and squatting – engage abdominals and gluts to push body up and return ball to starting position.

Note: it is important to maintain back straight through the entire process.

Sets & Reps:

I’m a big believer that repetition is one of the keys to achieving fitness results. And, that philosophy applies to leg exercises as well. However, you should always choose quality over quantity. This particular exercise is hard to learn as it requires a lot of coordination, balance and strength. For that reason, in this particular case I advice you to start with 10 to 12 reps on each leg. Once you master the movement, then I suggest increasing the amount of reps to 25 per leg.

Now the amount of sets is important too. Since you will be performing less repetitions to start, then you have to compensate with the amount of sets. So, if you’re doing lower reps. Then, implement 4 to 5 sets. On the other hand, if you’re going for 25 to 30 reps on each leg then  3 to 4 sets is the way to go.


Beginners: 4 to 5 Sets of 10 to 12 reps

Seasoned: 3 Sets 25 to 30reps

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Leg Exercises – Single Leg Reaches