So What's for Dinner

So What's for Dinner

Most people make the same mistake


Not planning ahead! In other words, they wait until they’re hungry to figure out “what’s for dinner”

Big Mistake! Why?

Because, when you’re hungry you’re less likely to want to eat nutritious and low calorie foods. On the contrary, chances are you’ll end up eating something that will not support your digestive system and will be stored as fat. So, if your goal for 2010 is to loose some weight, then make sure you start by planning your meals in advanced.

What I do in my household is that I cook in bulks! Yep, I take some time on Sunday to cook my meals for the week. Usually, I do another cooking day on Wednesday…and voila! I cooked most of my meals in just two days…the rest is just heating and eating!

I’m telling you…being healthy and getting in shape is easier than you think!


Adriana Martin

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