Spider Man - Full Body Toning

Spider Man - Full Body Toning

When it comes to body toning exercises Spider Man is consider one of the most effective leg exercises and ab exercises as well. It indirectly works on upper body and balance. And for that reason, it can be placed under the arm exercises category too! So, if you’re looking for tone thighs movements as well as tight core and sexy arms – look no further, you’ve just found the right move.

A few things before you begin, as a multipurpose exercise its important to watch the form – as once again, form is everything. Sacrificing form will cost you BIG results. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to cheat on this movement. But, remember when we cheat, we only cheat ourselves of great results.

Here are some “How To” tips that will help you get the best out this body toning move:

1. Plank: Get yourself in plank position. First, start by placing your hands under shoulders and push your body away from floor. Then, place toes on floor with feet shoulder width apart. Finally, engage abdominals and make sure your hips are in line with the rest of your body – no piking or collapsing at the lower back.

2. Leg work: On plank position take a giant step towards in and towards your shoulder – Placing foot next to hand. Engage gluts to push leg back and return to plank position.

Note: Make sure to maintaing back in neutral and abdominals engaged through the entire rutine.

You can modify this body toning exercise to meet your fitness level. Here is how…

Beginners: Stay on plank position – pike hips slightly to bring foot in towards shoulder but without placing so close to shoulder.

Intermediate/Advanced: On plank position lift leg to bring towards shoulder place foot next to hand and lower hips for greater glut work.

Watch the Spider Man Exercise video here: