Stress = weight gain?

Do you notice you gain the most weight when you’re stressed? Check out this article we found written by Dr. John Berardi from Live Strong, where he gives us some pointer on how to avoid gaining the weight!

13 Strategies to Stay Fit During Stressful Times

When stressful times hit, fitness is usually the first thing to go. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In this article I’ll share some important strategies for staying on track when emergencies and other stressors threaten to derail you.

Maybe you’ve suddenly been injured.  Or faced with a family disaster.  Or a new set of demands at work.


With life conspiring to knock you off track, how in the world can you be expected to eat right, exercise, and maintain your fitness?



Susan Olding knows exactly what that’s like.

While going through our year-long coaching program, Susan’s dad got extremely sick and eventually passed away.

Since her parents lived several hundred miles from her home, during the time her dad was sick, she did a lot of traveling back and forth.

Typically, on those trips, she stayed with her brother, in his condo. Fortunately, the condo had a small gym.  Unfortunately, it was really bad.

Beyond that, eating right was a struggle.  Her brother’s bachelor fridge was always barren with only a few beer cans and some expired milk.


During these visits, keeping a regular schedule was next to impossible for Susan.

She needed to be available to help her disabled mother, be available to take care of her dying father, and stay in touch with her husband and 10-year-old daughter back home.  Plus, she still was working, juggling four contract jobs and a demanding volunteer position.

All it all, it was the perfect set-up for fitness failure.

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