V-Ups - Ab Exercises

V-Ups - Ab Exercises

Today, I’m going to show you one of the greatest ab exercises, it’s called the V-ups. It’s a very simple but super effective exercise and you’re going to definitely feel it.

So get on the floor with me, first all I want you to practice is just bringing the legs up and trying to keep them as straight as possible. Usually if you have a little bit of a tight hamstring, it’s going to be hard for you to keep the legs straight. I feel it myself, right there we’re already activating the lower part of the abdominals. To start, I just want you to lower the legs a little bit and then bring them back up. I want you to test your body. At what point does your back lift from the floor? This will eventually happen and I want to prevent you from having that done so keep the knees all the way straight, keep the legs at a level that you can keep control of your lower back and your spine could stay down in neutral.

All right, so you’re going up and down, and up and down, and you’re going to feel this on the lower layers of the core. Then we’re going to add on to the upper body into the move. So you’re going to hold it right here, straighten the arms over your head, and them come up the top once you bring the legs up, okay? Try to keep the shoulders off the floor the entire time.

Now if you have a stability ball, you can have the ball in between your legs and if not, you can do it with your own body weight but you are definitely going to feel the abs all the way down, from the very top to the bottom. I want you to do at least 30 reps and I want you to divide in sets so four sets of 30 reps each. You’re going to absolutely love it.