Empty Calories

What are empty calories?
Empty calories refer to the amount of energy present in certain high-energy foods, which have low nutritional value. In such foodstuffs, the energy mainly comes from the processed carbohydrates or fats and sometimes-even ethanol. Typically an empty calorie will contain the same amount of energy as ordinary calories but is poor in its nutritional benefit like lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fiber and antioxidants. Intakes of empty calories lead to weight gain and hence must be avoided by all those who want to lose weight. Some examples of foodstuffs with empty calorie content are soft drinks, jellies, ice cream, sweets, candy, margarine, white rice, white bread, butter, lard, alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and fatty junk food like hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, and French fries.

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