Trying to Lose Weight

Trying to Lose Weight
If you’re serious about finally achieving the body of your dreams and conquering your desired weight and look, then it’s time to start planning!
Too many people make the same mistake: NOT PREPARING AHEAD!
Here’s what happens: If you wait to figure out what to eat once you’re hungry, then chances are you’ll end up eating something that’s not on your Weight Loss Menu!
As a fitness competitor and coach I can seriously tell you that those who are successful at achieving results spend some time planning ahead. Here’s a blue print on how you can map out your meals:
Step #1: Make a grocery list  – include only the “good for you” stuff and leave out the junk!
Step #2: Buy everything at once – stopping every other day at the grocery store makes this process harder
Step #3: Have a clear idea of which meals you’ll be eating for the week
Step #4: Prepare 2 to 3 days worth of food in advanced (choose a quite evening to do it)
Step #5: Store it all and put in the refrigerator
Step #6: Pack your meals every morning before leaving the house…and if you stay at home: STICK TO THE PLAN!!
Follow these tips, it will make your weight loss process much easier!