Wood Chops - Body Toning Exercise

Speaking of functional movements, let’s not forget the all time classic “Wood Chop”. Once you implement this body toning exercise into your routine you’ll want to keep on adding it into every workout. There is not a specific category in which this exercise falls under. However, it can be named one of the best ab exercises, leg exercises and even arm exercises of all times! So, ladies if you’re looking to tone thighs, get sexy arms and a tight mid section, then you must start implementing this move right away.


Step #1: Stand with feet wide open prepared to perform a single leg squat. Hold medicine ball or dumbbell with both hands. Keep the ball/dumbbell close to your body. Engage abdominals to stabilize torso and protect spine. Lift arms and swing hands towards upper right hand corner while rotating hips and lifting heel off the floor.

Step #2: While on step #1 position, engage abdominals to protect spine while lowering arms. Perform a single leg squat and drop arms towards floor but maintaining spine in neutral and abdominals engaged.

Watch Wood Chops – Full Body Toning Exercise video here:


Reps and Sets:

Perform 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps of this movement


You are sure to experience many benefits of functional movements! Specially the ability to multitask and train more than one muscle group at a time!

There are no more excuses!! =)